This is the story of Monte, T'nita and Ashlynn and how and why we decided to live in Mexico. We have always wanted our children to grow up bilingual and now that the 3 older kids have all gone off to college, we figured what better time than now to try a new culture and language. Part of what you will read on this blog are the decisions and steps necessary to accomplish this dream. The other topics will be about the journey and the exploration of living in a new country, new culture, and  the process of learning a new language for Ashlynn and Monte. Most of all we will share our adventures with you, from traveling with a toddler, to navigating schools, and play dates when you don't know anyone in a new town. Stay tuned, stay connected and please share this page with anyone who is considering making a move.


We want to know what are your MexitPlans? 

What started out as a personal blog about our journey living and traveling in Mexico has evolved into a valuable resource for anyone deciding to make their next move their best move to Mexico. Sign up today to join MexConnect and become apart of our network.

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