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116 Days and Counting: Waiting On My Residency Card

For information on how to start the VISA process see the links below:

On day 116, my wife and daughter received their residency cards. we started the process on October 17, 2019. We had our resolutions, declaring us residents of Mexico in December, approximately 60 days after beginning the process. However, due to the holidays and the lack of some of the required material to make the cards, there was a significant delay in receiving our cards. All of our friends that applied around the same time had the same experience. However, the Mexican officials could not have been kinder or more professional throughout the process.

During this process, I had to leave the country, I outlined that process in the blog entry Gotta go, Gotta go:

It was the day I returned that my wife and daughter received their cards. I received my card on the day I turned in my official permiso documents to INM. I had to go through the INM office process, then wait to receive my card.

But on day 117, I officially had my permanent residency which means I never have to go through that process again.

Thank you Mexico.

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