3 Top Tips For Using The Atm in Mexico

As soon as you arrive in Mexico, you will need Pesos. My Dad arrived last year with a pocket full of $100 USD bills. He was ready for vacation and prepared to buy anything he needed. Except, he was not. When you leave Mexico's tourist areas and visit the real country, stores rarely accept anything other than effective (Pesos) or tarjeta (credit cards). Therefore, it will be necessary for you to acquire Pesos. Now, my Dad could have exchanged the Pesos at a money exchange kiosk, but he would have received a less favorable exchange rate than other methods such as withdrawing money from an ATM. I have a whole video on the ATM Scam that happens in Mexico so that you can avoid that issue. The scam is called dynamic currency conversion, and in that video, I show you how to avoid getting the worst rate at the ATM. This article and accompanying video focus on three other tips that I provide when using the ATM machines here in Merida, Mexico. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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