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How I Work Remotely From Mexico During Rainy Season

Updated: Mar 18

We are fast approaching the rainy season here in Merida, Mexico. The rainy season is the time of the year when it rains every day, usually between 3-7 PM somewhere in the city. These heavy rains are generally accompanied by strong winds that knock out power and internet service for many. Not having internet at Home can wreak havoc on work schedules for the non-retired ex-pats who work remotely from Mexico. Especially if you are an ex-pat working remotely using a VPN. Unless you have a travel router, it isn't easy to pick up and work somewhere else when you need to connect over VPN. Today, I want to share some ways I keep working when my power and internet go out at Home.

I first recommend having a great battery backup connected to your computers and internet equipment. A battery backup will allow you to gracefully shut down when the power blinks or flickers and avoid losing work. Also, it will give you a few extra minutes to implement your redundancy strategy.

My redundancy strategy for when my internet goes down revolves around the Swiss Army knife GL.Inet Axt 1800 router and its many ways to connect to the internet. I've mentioned the flexibility of this router before in previous videos. Still, today, I will demonstrate using this device at two coffee shops using their wifi networks and my cell phone as a personal hotspot The GL.Inet Axt 1800 can be connected with Ethernet directly to another internet service provider router, tethered to a cell phone via a USB cable, or connected wirelessly to an available wifi network in repeater mode. The last mode, repeater mode, is the one I will demonstrate connected to two different coffee shops wifi and, lastly, the internet hotspot of my cell phone.

Check out this video for the demonstrations:

Skip to 2:53 for the Demonstrations.

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MexitPlans Monte "I'm Out"

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