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About Us

Get ahead abroad with MexitPlans!

What started as a personal blog about our journey living and traveling in Mexico has evolved into a valuable resource for anyone deciding to move to Mexico or abroad. We solve the mystery of relocating by giving you the insider scoop on how to be most prepared.

Portrait of Monte Raynor, founder of MexitPlans

Our Story

Hi! I am Monte Raynor. I am a father of four, a husband of 29 years and counting, an entrepreneur, and an immigrant to Mexico. I am a retired Techy with over 20+ years in the cyber security industry. 

In 2019, my wife, daughter, and I executed our Mexico Exit Plans (MexitPlans) and moved to Merida, Mexico, from Atlanta, Georgia. For the last five years, my team and I have researched and created tools to solve the everyday challenges of moving to Mexico and abroad.

During our transition to Mexico, we documented every step along the way so that one day, the information could help others realize their Dream of living in Mexico, particularly the city of Merida. As a result, we’ve created several tools such as the Creating Your MexitPlans System, VPN Essentials Course, Personal VPN Services, 1x1 Virtual Coaching, the MexitPlans YouTube channel, and this website focused on giving those interested in moving to Mexico and abroad the confidence and blueprint to relocate and thrive. Our motto is Dream. Plan. Live!


Let us help you realize your dreams with a solid MexitPlan.

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Confused about how to sort through the conflicting information on the internet and how to plan and execute your move to Mexico? If you are planning a move to Mexico and want to do it with complete confidence, this course is for you! 

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