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Tech Services

Living in a tropical paradise with solid concrete walls and floors can be a real Wi-Fi challenge. Merida, being a well-connected city, offers various internet options, but where you decide to settle down can make a big difference. No need to worry,  we've got your back when it comes to ensuring you have the best Wi-Fi coverage and lightning-fast internet in your new Mexican home in Merida. With over two decades of networking and cybersecurity expertise, I'm here to bring my knowledge to your project. Say goodbye to the worries of working from Mexico, and go ahead, book a Tech Session today!

Lady with VPN problems on her phone and laptop

Site Assessment

Check Internet options and router location for optimal coverage in your new home in Merida before your sign your lease and hand over deposits. Know your Internet options before making a commitment to a home that will not allow you to work. 

People standing on road beside public market and high-rise buildings photographed by Rafael Guimarães.

Mesh Network Installation

If you have moved to a home that doesn’t have good WiFi coverage throughout the house. No worries, this service will help Improve internet coverage throughout your house after the first visit. I have loaner systems available.

Woman watching on her laptop's screen a man in a virtual coaching session

VPN Router Installation

Want to watch US TV series or the Big Game? Do you miss college football on Saturdays? Want to see what prices are like for flights or hotels from the US? If you want unlock the geolocation restrictions of websites and streaming services this service is for you.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

IoT Configurations

Connect SmartTvs, Alexa, and other internet-connected devices to your network

People standing on road beside public market and high-rise buildings photographed by Rafael Guimarães.

Sonos Configuration

Install Sonos system to work on your home network.

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