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Multi-tasking with a laptop and phone

Tech Services

Living in a tropical area with concrete walls and floors presents serious challenges with wifi signals. While Merida is a well connected city inside the perimeter, where you choose to live will have a tremendous impact on your internet options. Do not worry, we can help you get the best wifi coverage and fastest Internet available to you in your new home. I will bring my over two decades of experience in networking and cybersecurity to your project. Take the worry out of how you will work from Mexico. Book a Tech Session today.

Site Assessment

Check Internet options and router location for optimal coverage in a home.

How to set up a secure home network - Wifi modem with a signal symbol
Multiple devices and the globe connected in a network to a modem

Mesh Network Installation

Improve internet coverage throughout your house.

Two loaner systems available.

VPN Configuration

Configure hardware routers for VPN for remote work or access to US Streaming Services

VPN on a laptop screen with an iced coffee beside
10T configuration network connecting different devices

I0T Configuration

Connect SmartTvs, Alexa, and other internet-connected devices to your network

Sonos Configuration

Install Sonos system to work on your home network.

Sonos configuration modem

Setup Your Private VPN Before Your Move Abroad!

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