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Unlock the Door to Your New Life in Mexico with MexitPlans

Your Trusted Partner for Relocation and Planning.

Sunset over the main square in Merida Centro.

From Planning Your Future To Living Your Dream

4 Ways We Can Assist You in Moving to Mexico

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  • Game Planning:
    The Creating Your MexitPlan Course 1x1 Virtual Coaching Session- Let's Talk Mexico
  • Exploring The Dream:
    Neighborhood Tour of Merida
  • Putting The Plan In Motion:
    Tech Q&A VPN Essentials Course Personal VPN Remote Configuration
  • Living The Dream:
    Technical Services In Merida: Internet Site Assessment Improve Home Wifi Coverage And Speed Home Network Related Troubleshooting and Support


Merida Services

Get the most out of your move to Mexico with MexitPlans! We offer comprehensive tech services to keep you connected, as well as personalized coaching and unique city tours to make your transition seamless and enjoyable.

People standing on road beside public market and high-rise buildings photographed by Rafael Guimarães.
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Join Our Course

Confused about how to sort through the conflicting information on the internet and how to plan and execute your move to Mexico? If you are planning a move to Mexico and want to do it with complete confidence, this course is for you! 

Free Resources

Check out our blog and subscribe for the free resources you need to make your MexitPlans.

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