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First Maya Train Ride From Cancun To Merida

Hey amigos, it's Monte here from MexitPlans! Guess what? I just had my first-ever ride on the Maya Train from Cancun to Merida, and oh boy, do I have some stories to share! Let's dive into this roller coaster of a day, shall we?

First Maya Train Ride From Cancun To Merida
First Maya Train Ride From Cancun To Merida

A Change in Plans: From Merida to Cancun

Bright and early on December 16th, I found myself in Centro Merida, all set for a trip to Compeche. But hey, life's full of surprises, right? A twist earlier in the week had me rerouting from Merida to Cancun, sparking my interest in the Maya Train route from Cancun to Merida.

Cancun Airport Chaos

After a seven-hour bus journey, I landed in the bustling Cancun bus terminal and then headed to the airport. It was quite the maze, but a helpful store clerk dropped some clues about getting to the Maya Train station. Adventure, here I come! They have an interchange shuttle that says no-cost.

The Shuttle Quests

The airport was buzzing, and my mission? To find the free shuttle to the Maya Train station. I gathered intel about the shuttle's sparse schedule and started thinking of ways to save you guys some bucks on taxi fares. I was on Terminal 4 and found the schedule.

Cancun Airport Free Shuttle’s schedule
Cancun Airport Free Shuttle’s schedule

Breakfast and Shuttle Discovery

While hunting for a good breakfast spot, I pieced together the shuttle schedule info. My goal? To catch that free shuttle and pass on some savvy travel hacks to you all.

Green Shuttle to the Rescue

I hopped on the green shuttle, impressed by the special road they're building just for it. Pro tip: pick the right shuttle to avoid extra costs for a Cancun to Merida transportation. Don’t take the inter-terminal shuttle for the start of my quest, but rather the one that is dedicated and says Maya Train station. Be careful of hustlers.

Maya Train Station: The Wait Begins

Reaching the station in Cancun, the train was MIA, but the excitement was palpable. Despite some delays, I scoped out the station's amenities and the construction scene, all prepping us for a unique ride.

Maya Train Schedule
Maya Train Schedule

Snack Time During Delays

The delay hit over two hours, but hey, free snacks for everyone! It was a nice gesture for those who'd been waiting around. I strolled around the station, showing off the mini markets and refreshment spots. The energy was a mix of excitement and tiredness. I expected nothing less on the Cancun to Merida drive time.

First-Class on the Maya Train

Finally on board! I gave you a sneak peek of the plush first-class experience. I explored the inside of the Maya Train and every nook and cranny, from the beverage station to the luggage area and the accessible sections. The first-class seats? Super comfy. The train's bathroom had all the bells and whistles - sensors, power outlets, you name it! The in-train services are like a plane, but on rails. The cart service reminded me of airplanes. I shared views of the construction and remained hopeful about the project's success. I also explored the Mayan train map.

Fashionably Late Departure, Scenic Beauty

We were set to leave at 11 a.m., but hey, 4:12 p.m. is the new fashion! The ongoing construction was a reminder that this was just the beginning. Seeing the workers take pride in the train was touching. Many stopped work and took photos of the scenic beauty of the Maya train as it passed. This compensates for the travel time and distracts your mind from thinking of asking how far from Cancun to Merida you are.

TAA Station: The Next Chapter

I planned to hop onto the Le-Tram at Teya Station, but I wasn’t sure if the tram would be there when we arrived or what was needed to transfer from the Teya Train Station to the le-Tram station at Parque La Plancha.

Maya Train vs. Other Transports

The Maya Train's a bit slower than driving or taking the bus, but it's all about the experience, right?

We made several stops, and I chatted about the pet policy. Seems like small pets might be welcome after the official launch. The Maya Train might be pet-friendly soon!

Maya Train Pricing Details: Local, National and International

Broke down the pricing structure for the Maya Train, keeping you informed for your adventures. There will be local pricing for those who live within the states where the Maya train travels. There will also be national pricing for Mexican nationals who live outside the area where the Maya train travels. There will be international pricing for tourists coming in from other countries.

Wrapping It Up!

This ride's perfect for adventure seekers. If you're tight on time, maybe stick to the usual transports. But for the thrill-seekers? This is it.

The Tram Teya station was another chapter, and the station's grandeur was something else! 21.5 hours later, I made it by train from Cancun to Merida. Long? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely..

This YouTube video's your go-to for a real-deal account of the Maya Train adventure. It's not just about getting from A to B; it's about the journey, the surprises, and those unique moments. So, are you ready for your own Maya Train adventure? Let's roll! 🚆✨

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