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1 Year Living In Mexico: Happy Mexiversary To Us

Two days and one year ago, we arrived in Mexico to live out the dream of being Expats. It took lots of planning and faith. We have now been in Mexico for 1 year and it seems unreal. We’ve learned so much by being here. Today’s post recaps our first year and some of the lessons we have learned. Looking back I would not have changed anything about moving here. Our mission has shifted from trying to get our world in order, to helping others make the same transition easier.

Please subscribe and follow along. There will is plenty of free useful content. Many of the tactical problem-solving videos are reserved for MexConnect Contributors. You can easily become a contributor for as little as $9.97 per month. We hope you will consider supporting our effort to continue to make good content that will help you and others make this transition.

Until Next Time,

MexitPlans Monte

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