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Adventures In The Yucatan: Haciendas, Cenotes, And Food

Part 2 of our tour with Bonita Merida Tours included a visit to a hacienda, a cenote, and lunch prepared at a local family's home. This trip definitely pushed out boundaries.

The hacienda was small and in ruins but interesting to see. Many of the small pueblos have hacienda’s, and each I’ve been to has been very different. It’s crazy to think that several hundred years ago, these were grand homes and working factories for some of the wealthiest people in the world. All of the sisal rope came from this region when shipping was done in wooden ships with sails. So the area of the Yucatan had the one thing that. Every major country needed rope.

The Cenote Nah-Yah is off of the beaten path. It is literally at the end of a path. We were met by cows grazing on said path. A guy in a bike rolled up behind us and shooed them away. The cenote had decent facilities. It had two rooms for changing, think bare minimum, and a toilet. Expert Tip: You should always carry your own seat and toilet paper in Mexico.

We arrived at the cenote just past noon. The sun was directly over the cenote and shining in the middle. It was amazing. The water is crystal clear, and I hope you can see from the video that it is very deep. You can rent a life vest from the town for a few pesos. I highly recommend it as we were told that the water is at least 50 feet deep. The stairs down to the water are sturdy, but the handrail is not designed to hold a lot of weight. So exercise care when defending to the water.

Once in the water, you will quickly be amazed at its clarity. I would recommend that you go late morning to early afternoon because once the sun goes over the cenote, it becomes a little cool and doesn’t have much light. Also, you want to be there around noon to see the amazing light. During the editing of the video, I also noticed an eye looking at us in the cave. Do you see it?

Finally, we finished with an authentic Yucateco-style meal of Sopa de lima, turkey tacos, and fresh tortillas. The food was absolutely amazing and was some of the best I’ve had in a small town. Our hosts, who prepared the meal for us, were super nice. We really appreciate their hospitality and the love that they showed to us.

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PS: I drowned my drone trying to get footage in the Cenote. RIP Mavic Air. So I really appreciate your Memberships and Toco fund donations.

Thank You for reading and watching.

Until Next Time, Mexicans Monte

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