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Best Way To Find A House When Moving To Merida, Mexico

Finding a home when you arrive will be one of the biggest challenges you face with your MexitPlan. The real estate market here is very different from the United States of America. It is often described as the wild west because there is no central MLS system or real estate agent board that all agents belong to. I would also caution against a person trying to lock-in a long-term rental site unseen. There are just too many variables to having a successful rental relationship. Over the next few post, I will try to help solve this issue by telling you what had worked well for us when we moved to Mexico. First, we used Airbnb for the first 6 months. There are ways to save on Airbnb rentals, and I've written an article to tell you the exact strategy I've used in the MexConnect member's section of this site. Even using an Airbnb, we found that the first house we rented in Centro had moisture issues and was probably making us ill with unseen mold. You know you need to make a change when your jeans are damp, and it has not rained.

We transitioned from the old but magnificently remodeled colonial near Parque Santiago, after 30 days, to a wonderful house, owned by the absolute best people, in North Merida. This was one of the best decisions we made. Not only was it less expensive per month, but it also was a much nicer space for entertaining, pre-pandemic. It also let us know that we prefer the North to Centro for many reasons, that I've written bout in other articles.

The experience of having the wrong house and location led us to appreciate the new house and the amenities of the North. In the mission of this site to make it easier for those that come after us, I've decided to start to do walking tours of neighborhoods so that those are interested in moving to Merida, Mexico, or retiring to Merida, Mexico, will have an idea of what the neighborhoods, houses, and close by amenities are like. With that thought, please take Part 2 of the walking tour of the Montealban neighborhood. If you like this series and find value, please give us a Like, Subscribe, and ring the Youtube bell. Thank you for the honor of your time and attention.

Please join the MexConnect membership to contribute to more useful content being made. Without your support, this is not possible. Thank you for your contribution to helping us make the transition easier for everyone planning to move to Mexico.

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