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No Hot Water And My Dryer Doesn't Work: Help

Last week we ran into an issue where our dryer stopped heating, and the hot water was very lukewarm. One of the things you will need to adjust to when moving or retiring in Mexico is that most of the homes here have propane tanks for gas appliances. In our home, we have a gas dryer, stove, and water heater. Therefore, when multiple devices do not heat, we know it's time to fill up the tank. Well, luckily, that is as easy as a phone call to the service provider listed in the MexitList, Premier Gas Company. Their full contact information is on the MexitList. They run 24 hours a day and will come out and get you back, heating things up. Check out the quick little video of my most recent experience.

The cost to fill the tank was $2711.50 pesos or $129 USD at the current exchange rate. This makes our monthly expense for gas approximately $40.00 USD per month. For a full breakdown of our August 2020 expenses, click on the link for our exclusive content for MexConnect members.

Update on 01/27/2021 -This morning, we ran completely out of gas. I had a brutal cold shower, and I knew right away that the gas tank was out. I got busy with the day and forgot to fill it, but I was quickly reminded when my wife went to cook dinner. Nevertheless, I made a all to the gas company, and within the hour, they had the tank full. The tank is 260 liters, and the gas cost 13.1500 per liter. The total cost with tax was $3419.00 pesos at the current exchange rate of 20.38 equals $167.76 dollars. So my assumption of 3-4 months per fill was closer to 4 months, and the average price per month is $41.94 USD. Gotta love Mexico.

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