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Flying From Merida, Mexico To The United States

I recently completed a trip back to the United States from Merida, Mexico and back. I wanted to share my experiences on the airlines, in the Merida airport, Mexico City Airport, and the Atlanta airports. My focus of this post was on the safety measures I observed while flying and walking through the airports.

For what it’s worth, there is only one real way to get to Merida by plane from the United States. Currently, American Airlines has suspended their direct flights from Miami To Merida. United Airlines has also suspended their flights from Houston to Merida. Therefore, the only way to fly into Merida is via AeroMexico through Mexico City. The other way to reach Merida without going to Mexico City is by flying into Cancun and taking a bus from Cancun central bus station to Merida. The bus service has also been restricted and they are not offering the Platino service that I posted about in the linked YouTube video.

Key differences I noted were are follows:

  1. In Mexico everyone had on masks as required hand sanitizer was readily available for free everywhere.

  2. Temperature checks were performed before entering security in Mexico.

  3. A Health Form was required but was now electronic using a QR code.

  4. On AeroMexico all seats were sold

  5. On Delta only 8 of 16 first class seats were sold leaving plenty of room to social distance and in the main cabin all middle seats were open.

  6. Delta restricts masks with ventilation and AeroMexico did not.

  7. Masks were not required in the Atlanta airport.

  8. Social distancing was encouraged in the Atlanta Airport but again not strictly enforced.

  9. The Hertz car rental center performed a sterilization of the interior and sealed the car with a sticker.

Check out the video there are some other pieces of real useful information about transferring from Mexico City domestic terminal to the International terminal.

I hope you enjoy the information in this video. If this has been helpful in the slightest way please considering becoming a MexConnect member and helping us keep the good content coming.

Until Next Time,

MexitPlans Monte

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