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Flying From Mexico To The USA With The New CDC Covid Rules

As of January 26th, 2021, anyone flying into the United States will be required to have a negative viral covid test 72 hours before boarding a plane. This requirement is for all international flyers. I have plans to fly back to Atlanta over the next few weeks. Therefore, I needed to figure out my options for getting tested here in Merida, Mexico, to satisfy the requirements to enter the States.

I've used the doctor in my video several times before for in-home covid 19 testings here in Merida, Mexico, when I've traveled to or from the United States. It's always been a simple process, but now he also provides the necessary certification letter to prove to the airlines that you are fit to fly.

The test that he provides is the Generi Biotech rapid antibody test, which may or may not be, sufficient to satisfy the CDC requirements, provided that you have a negative test. The test costs 1700 pesos, is administered at your home, and can provide results in as little as 15 minutes. Take a look at the video for full details of the process and experience.

Star Medica provides PCR testing 3680 pesos, Clinica de Merida 3800 pesos, and DQ Medica for 2800 pesos. The CDC requirements state that you need a negative viral test, either PCR or Rapid Antigen. It is unclear at this time if the antibody test demonstrated in this video is sufficient. The antigen test is a similar rapid test but is done with a nose or throat swab rather than a blood sample.

The contact for the doctor is on the MexitList for MexConnect members. If you are not yet a MexConnect member, please support our effort to bringing you great content.

Here is to safe travels.

Until Next Time, MexitPlans Monte

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