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I Broke The #1 Rule When Living In Mexico And I Know Better

There are many great things about living and retiring in Mexico. If you choose to take this path, there will come a time where you will become comfortable in your surroundings and let your guard down. This is generally a good thing. But in the case of the #1 rule when retiring or living in Mexico, IT IS NOT!

Just the other morning, I woke up early, around 6 AM, to go for a run. Because I was up so early and didn’t want to wake my girls, I took a short cut in my morning routine. I thought to myself, well, I don’t need to go downstairs and get bottled water. I can just rinse my mouth with this sink water. So I did just that and used the water from the sink to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth. I didn’t swallow it or anything, just a quick rinse and spit, and I was on my way for a great run.

During my run, I felt mostly fine. I noticed a little burning in my stomach, but I thought it might have been the spicy Chinese food I had the night before talking to me. It was later in the day that I started to feel ill. It started with lots of gas coming out of the chimney and the basement and progressed to a full-blown man in distress situation by bedtime. This was the all-night variety of up and down with cramps and exhaustion. I knew then that the one decision in my daily routine was the culprit of my misery.

After a severely rough night of visiting the porcelain shrine, I decided it was time to take action. I experienced this same problem back in October of 2019 when I first arrived in Merida. In fact, my wife and baby also got sick in the first couple of days of moving here. Here is my wife‘s account from October of 2019.

So the good news is I knew exactly what to do to get back to the path of righteousness.

So with a quick swipe of the Rappi App, I was able to order the medicine that I needed from a local Farmacia to right the wrongs of my earlier decisions.

I treated this issue with a two-pronged approach. First, I took an Imodium, which I always carry with me in my backpack. I also always carry toilet paper and the portable toilet seat that I got from amazon because most of the public bathrooms here in Mexico do not have seats, just a cold porcelain bowl. Speaking about public bathrooms, they also charge a small fee of 5 to 10 pesos to pay the bathroom attendant, but the restrooms are generally very clean, far better than most public bathrooms in the USA.

Now back to the treatment. The medicine I ordered from the pharmacy via the Rappi App was an antiparasitic and dewormer called Lombrix. There is common local knowledge that recommends that you deworm yourself using these medicines twice a year. It’s been 11 months since we moved to Mexico, so I guess I was due for the antiparasitic deworming treatment. The medicine comes with two in a box for this reason. I took one with water, and over the course of the next 12 hours, I started to feel much better. A day later and I’ve eaten several times, done 200 push-ups, and all is right in my gastrointestinal world.

If you are interested in the Rappi App, see the information below:

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Download the app, insert my code zw327125790, and order what you like the most.

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Until Next Time,

MexitPlans Monte

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