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Monthly Food Budget: The Cost of Groceries in Merida

One of our biggest expenses is food. We are a family of 3 plus our nanny who eats with us most days of the week. Our food budget has been the hardest thing to nail down because we often eat out at least 1- 2 meals per day. This expense is one of the biggest we have because there are many good restaurants and talented chefs, plus we like to eat in Merida. The food budget is a big concern for many people moving or retiring to Merida. Therefore, we surveyed several families to determine what they spend on food each month.

We had 15 families participate in the survey. The family units broke down into the following groups:

Six families were single individuals who spent between $4000 to $6000 pesos ( $200 to $300 USD) per month.

Six families had two to three people households who spent $6000 to $8000 $pesos ($300 to $400 USD) per month.

Three families had three to five people households who spent $8000 to $16,000 pesos ($400 to $800 USD) per month.

Every family had a mix of home cooking and dining out, which usually meant ordering from Uber Eats or Rappi. Eleven of the families cooked in regularly and four families ate out regularly or ordered in.

Your lifestyle will be a big factor in determining your food budget. As I explained, we eat out a lot. Just today, we spent $450 pesos on breakfast, $100 pesos on coffee, and $985 pesos on an early dinner. So we spent roughly $73.00 USD today for the three of us.

We will be hitting the grocery store tomorrow, so we should have a realistic view of what it takes to get sufficient supplies for the month. We will also be tracking our expenditures closely in October to hone in on our true expenses with food.

If you have received any value from this information, please join the site as a MexConnect Member to help us with the mission of making this type of valuable information easily accessible to those that want to Mexit and move or retire to Mexico, especially after the debate debacle last night.

Until Next Time,

MexitPlans Monte

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