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Neighborhood Tour Of Merida: Parque Aleman

Last week we went to Parque Aleman for a skate meet-up. This park is exceptional because it was almost the first neighborhood we planned to live in when arriving in Merida. In 2019, we did a tour of houses with one of the trusted vendors on the MexitList. This was the first neighborhood that we saw during that tour that really excited us. We really liked this one house that was on a cul de sac. It had a great patio and pool. It was 3 bedrooms and 4 baths and had a really cool open living room and dining room space. The house was perfect for us. Sadly, we were ready to rent the house was unavailable.

What we like about this Colonia Aleman is that it is a decidedly middle to the upper-class neighborhood. All of the houses in the area are nice, and there is no huge disparity between one house and the other in terms of quality or upkeep. The house that we liked had a guardaria, daycare, at the end of the street, which would have suited our needs for our first house in Merida. The streets are wide and not full of traffic. This area is a family area. The best part about it was the park.

The park is the center of life for this neighborhood. In the evenings, it is the place to be, pre-pandemic. Everything from exercise classes to mini carnivals to street food vendors would descend on the park in the evenings when the sun went down. It was really a sight to see all the families hanging out and enjoying their neighborhood.

Please look at the video to get a feel for the park today and a glimpse into some of what it looked like last year.

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Until Next Time,

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