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Preparing for adventure

I’ve been back in the states for over a month now and the time is flying as we approach the fall. There is still so much to do and honestly we haven’t began to really sort through the action items. We were able to secure our housing via Airbnb for the full six months of our stay. We decided to use Airbnb instead signing a lease because it gives us the flexibility to move if the city of Merida doesn’t take to our sensibilities. Secondly, we didn’t have to pay a bunch off fees such as one month‘s deposit and lawyer fees. Finally, we have the assurances from Airbnb if things don’t work out as planned. We can now move on to finding a school for our little one since we now have the neighborhood secured for our stay. 68 days left and counting until we make our MEXit. #Airbnb #Mexitplan

If you have never used Airbnb before please use the link below. It will give you $55.00 towards your next stay.

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MexitPlans Monte

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