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Take A Ride On The Tequila Express: Jose Cuervo Style

This week I celebrated another trip around the sun with good friends from Merida. We took our celebration of Life on the road to Guadalajara, a city that has significant meaning for me and my Mexitplans to Mexico. If you have been following along you know that Guadalajara is the city that made me fall in love with Mexico, it’s also where our Mexican family is from, and the state of Jalisco is the home of Tequila and Mariachi. It was the number one place we considered in Mexico to start our ex-pat journey before we rediscovered Merida.

So it was befitting that we would take a road trip to Guadalajara and the suburb or Tlaquepaque to come full circle with our MexitPlan. More on this in a later blog post. But first, we took a little detour and hopped aboard the Jose Cuervo Tequila Express for a trip to the magic city of Tequila. This was an experience I knew about having traveled to Guadalajara many times before but never had the right timing to do it. Well now was the time and it could not have been a better crew to take this experience with. I was officially on my first Girl’s Trip and man was I happy to be there with these incredible women.

We had premium plus seating a pard the Tequilla Express. The only level higher was Diamond, which was sold out for a group of our size. We were seated in the lounge section of the premium plus seating which basically gave us our own half of the cart. incidentally, due to Covid-19 protocols, they had reduced seating capacity, sanitary rules in place, and this was the first trip out since the pandemic. So they were excited to be a able to host tours again.

The train ride is a 1 1/2 hours long which includes many cocktails and an official tequila tasting. However, the tasting on the train was conducted in Spanish. Which didn’t change the flavor of the tequila but made for an interesting listening exercise. Once off the train, you are taken to the town of Tequilla by bus. You then tour Jose Cuervo Mundo and learn all about the history of agave cultivation, tequila production, and you take another tasting with just your group. This time the tour and the tasting was done in English.

After your formal Tequila education, you are set free for lunch and shopping in the town center. We had a fantastic lunch in town, got some great deals while shopping, and then returned to the Jose Cuervo entertainment center for a very cool Mexican showcase. Once the show was over, we then boarded the buses for a trip to the agave fields to see the scope of the agave harvesting process.

From start to finish the tour lasted about 12 hours. There was consistent tequila flowing but done with good pacing as to not overwhelm your sensibilities and cause you to become sick. Everyone felt great, but very few were overly drunk, at least not in our party.

I highly recommend this trip. Take a look at the video for a peek into parts of the day.

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Until next time,

MexitPlans Monte

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