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Touring The Yucatan: Archeological Site Mayapan

Last Monday, we took a day off and went exploring with Luci from Bonita Merida Tours. After learning so much from her MexPert in depth interview, I wanted to see some of the cool places she talked about. We did a 6-hour tour which started at Mayapan, then on to a hacienda, followed by a dip in a cenote, and ending with a deliciously prepared lunch at the house of some nice folks in the town.

Luci prides herself on having sustainable tours where her company introduces the guest to amazing experiences and gives back to the town and people that host her. Her tours are not the typical cookie-cutter ones you get at the visitor's centers. They are well thought out, specifically designed for the group, and done with meticulous care and detail to give the visitor a unique experience. Please take a look at our visit to Mayapan, which is part one of the tour videos.

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