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Be Sure To Bring This To Mexico: Essential Guide On What To Bring

If you are considering moving to Mexico, there are a few things that I recommend that you bring with you. Today, I’m going to give you the MexitPlans Essentials Guide on what to bring to Mexico.

Today, I have some big news for you. We came back to Atlanta to execute the final phase of our Mexitplans which is to sell our house in the states and go all in Mexico. That process brings with it all the emotional and physical stress of donating, selling, and trashing over 26 years' worth of stuff.

It has also helped me identify some things that I absolutely think you should bring to Mexico with you when you make that transition. So with that, I am sharing the Mexitplans essential guide on what to bring to Mexico.

So I’m going to try to break this down a little differently from what I’ve seen before, and we will go room by room. So check out the video below for the full list of items and details as to why you want to bring them with you.

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