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Health and Wellness in Mexico: Sour Oranges And The Best Citrus Juicer

The homes in the Yucatan have an abundance of natural resources. It’s not uncommon to see sour orange trees, bananas, and other fruits growing in yards in Merida. In the three houses that we’ve lived in Merida, we have had many different fruits at our disposal.

With the change to Merida's cooler weather, the orange tree has been dropping sour oranges every day. Many folks use those sour oranges here for marinating meats or cooking jams. They also make a lemonade style drink called narajada in Spanish from the oranges. I wanted to take advantage of the resource provided to us, so I researched and purchased a Citrus Juicer.

The juicer I purchased is the Vinci Citrus Juicer. I picked this juicer because of its fully automated ease of use. It’s also easy to clean. I highly recommend it, And I’m looking forward to having many glasses of non-sugar-filled, fresh juice.

Check out the video below: Be sure to watch all the way through the plot twist. I got a BIG surprise.

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