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Mastering Remote Work Abroad: Essential VPN Secrets Unveiled

Updated: Apr 29

What is Good MexitPlanners!

This guide is for the remote worker, the digital nomad who is  eager to travel without leaving digital footprints of their location. In previous videos,  I’ve talk about the Ultimate VPN solution for remote workers and that’s the decentralized personal site-to-site VPN. After assisting over hundreds of clients worldwide, enabling them to work from anywhere and reconnect with loved ones, it’s clear that while It’s the best option for using VPN Technology, the site-to-site VPN is just one piece of the puzzle. So today, I’m excited to share 7 essential VPN secrets that will help you successfully work from any corner of the globe. Let's get it. 

VPN Secret #1: Understanding Device Security

 It’s crucial to know the security posture of your work devices and how they communicate. Make sure that these devices only access the internet through your personal site to site Virtual {Private Network {VPN} . With my most successful clients, this information is usually uncovered during our initial Q&A sessions before they purchase any equipment or services. You don’t want your computer saying one thing and some other device saying something entirely different if you get my point.

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VPN Secret #2: VPN Speed Influencers

 Your Internet link speeds will determine the speed of your personal  VPN. The slowest upload or download speed across your connections dictates your VPN speed. For instance, If you have spectrum internet and your contracted service  is 500 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload, and your remote location offers symmetrical 1 Gbps speeds, your VPN speed will cap at 20 Mbps. Some of the fastest Internet service providers I’ve worked with include AT&T and Verizon Fiber. I’ve seen WireGuard personal VPN configurations speeds reaching 350 Mbps both ways when fiber optic connections have been used on both sides. 

VPN Secret #3: Choosing the Right Router

Selecting the appropriate GL-Inet router can significantly impact your VPN’s performance. Opt for a router that complements the vpn configuration you plan to install. If you're unsure of which router to purchase,  check out this [link to video] for guidance. I can’t tell you how many times clients have watched other YouTube VPN videos before finding my channel and have purchased equipment that does not give them the best options for a personal vpn. 

VPN Secret #4: Plan for Redundancy

If youu plan to be out of your home country for a long time, you need to consider redundancy options. A two router installation of the personal VPN is a single point of failure. If anything happens to one side the other is down. Therefore, many clients will deploy multiple server locations and use a single travel router to connect to the primary of secondary location. Also, if you are going to a remote location where obtaining a backup router may be difficult, you may want to consider taking a hot spare. 

Do you want to discuss your particular technical situation? Book a consultation with me  today.

VPN Secret #5: Network Dynamics

When using your Personal VPN, Every new network connection affects your VPN setup. Understanding basic network principles such as IP addressing is essential to ensure connectivity in diverse environments.

VPN Secret #6: Technical Know-How

 If you are planning to install your site to site VPN yourself, you should understand the concepts of how devices communicate using ip networking, routing, security concepts like port forwarding and kill switches, just to name a few.  If you don’t have a clear grasps of these concepts but want to learn how to setup the personal site to site VPN yourself check out the VPN Essentials Course. 

VPN Secret #7: Practice Makes Perfect

 The very best thing you can do to ensure your success is to practice using your system on many different networks before leaving the country. Yes we are talking about Practice.

Experience is the best teacher, and knowing how to manage your VPN in various situations will set you up for success.

Curious about the possibilities of remote work abroad? Where would you go if you could take your job on the road? Share your thoughts in the comments below! I hope these 7 VPN secrets empower you to embrace the freedom of location independence. I'm here to help you every step of the way.

If you want to know more about VPNs check out this playlist over. You can also check out other related articles here for free.

Until next time,

Mexitplans Monte I’m out

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