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Moving To Merida Mexico and Our Struggle To Find A Nanny

Moving to Mexico has been an incredible experience. Living in Merida, Mexico, has allowed us to have a much higher quality of life than affordable in the United States. I call this the Lifestyle level Up of living in Merida, Mexico. Living abroad and finding a Nanny in Mexico has enabled us to have more free time, go on date nights, and run our businesses without sacrificing our little one's quality care. Although, finding a Nanny in Mexico has not been without its challenges.

Today, I discuss one big cultural difference that we ran in the process of finding a nanny in Mexico. This was definitely a valuable cultural lesson that we learned. It took us a while to get what was happening, but once we grasped the issue, it was a valuable lesson and something we felt needed to be shared.

My wife, Antalita, of the Mexpat Experience on Youtube, has a video summarizing how to find a great Nanny and how much the typical pay is for a live-in nanny versus one that comes during the day. She does a fantastic job of explaining the process and all the options. The video link is below.

The video that I'm attaching is about the cultural issue we ran into and the challenges we faced from a Dad's perspective. Let me know what you think about this issue in the comments section.

Until Next Time,

MexitPlans Monte "I'm Out"

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