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The Four Month Move

March 29th, 2021 we began the journey back to Georgia to prepare for our future in Merida, Mexico. It was time to implement phase 3 of the Mexitplan, which was to empty the house and get it on the market. We arrived in a red hot seller's market and immediately started to purge the years of accumulated stuff. Four dumpsters later, tons of donated items, friends and family yard sale in the books, and a semi-truck headed to Mexico, we were finally ready to have all our things in one place after splitting time for several years.

During this epic transition, we decided that we need to change the plans slightly and get a bigger house in Mexico so that the things we shipped would fit with the furniture we had purchased over the previous years in Merida. Thus, we started the third move within Mexico. With the new house found and the repairs began, now it was time to wait for the arrival of our things from Georgia.

Moving the Georgia furniture into the new house was a serious task. This furniture was larger and heavier than what is typical for the region, and we had two little guys moving the heavy furnishings and two others unpacking things. At one point, my patio furniture had to go up and over the roof to make it into the backyard. Two guys, a ladder, and a rope got the sofa moved over the roof and into the backyard. One of the guys moved the sofa over the roof in hard bottom shoes.

With the Georgia furniture in place, now we needed to move appliances and large furniture pieces from the old house in Mexico. This move went much faster than the first part of the international move. The original house only had beds, office furniture, a dining room table, family room furniture, and a small outdoor patio set. The more complicated part was moving and reconnecting appliances, including air conditioners which took over a week to finish.

Finally, several weeks later, we can now say that ALL of our belongings are in one place, and we have officially ended the move to Merida, Mexico. This phase of our MexitPlans took four months to complete. It’s a lot slower than most people and done in reverse order than most others. However, the results are the same. We are now full-time permanent residents of Mexico with all of the creature comforts of home.

I‘m glad to be done with the move and transition. Now to get the house sold. Our first contract fell through because of the most crucial part, financing. Hopefully, we will get a cash offer from a family ready to move tomorrow.

Would you mind telling me where you are in your MexitPlans?

In case you missed it, here is the video update on this subject from a few weeks ago.

Until Next Time,

Mexit Plans Monte

”I’m Out.”

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