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Top 3 Things I Hate About Merida Mexico

One of my 1x1 coaching clients a few weeks ago asked me about the thing I hate most in Merida, Mexico. At the time she asked, I found it very difficult to answer the question. While I love my new life in Mexico, there are some things that I will miss forever about living in Georgia. Today I will give you the Top 3 Things I Hate About Merida:

  1. Mosquitos: These literal bloodsuckers, SUCK! They are a year-long nuisance and can cause Dengue fever and other diseases. In the winter, from November to March, they are less of a problem. But it only takes one thirsty sucker to ruin a good night's sleep. I stay "repellented up." Yes, I know that's not a word, but it's a state of the physical mind and being.

  2. Cilantro: This herb is something you either love or hate. I hate it! Cilantro has the most offensive taste, and they but that ish on everything here in the Yucatan. You get a green salad---it will be covered in Cilantro. Eggs? Well, let's put some cilantro on them. Bread? Def tastes better with Cilantro... NOT! It's so bad that when I was in Oaxaca recently, I literally told every waiter, "Sin Cilantro", to which they replied, we don't put cilantro on things. I was shocked because I assumed it was a problem in all of Mexico. The one time I didn't mention it, of course, my meal had Cilantro.

  3. Good Water pressure in my home. We've lived in three different houses since moving to Mexico. None had the OMG water pressure or hot water I'm used to in the states. Now to be fair, our shower in Atlanta is freaking amazing because we had two tankless water heaters that provided for unlimited hot water. But my issue here isn't so much the water temperature as it is the water pressure or lack thereof. To understand this, you need to know a little about Mexican plumbing. The water first enters my house from the city into a concrete tank in the back of the house, call a cistern. Because the water is not always flowing from the city to the homes here, there is a storage unit to make sure we have water whether or not it's coming from the city or not. Secondly, the water is fed to a tank on the roof, the Tinaco, by a cistern pump. This is where all the water in from the house comes from when the taps are open. The Tinacoat the highest point of the house and is GRAVITY Fed. So the water pressure of the house is based on gravity. Therein lies my problem. I need the "beat you in the back and leave lines on my body" pressure. You can't get that with a gravity-fed system. I could add pumps and the like, but that will all have to wait until I get to the house that I buy.

As you can see, these are all personal issues that I will learn to live with. There are so many more things I love about Merida that this small list is nothing.

For my visual folks, check out the video that published today. It adds a little more color to the discussion.

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Until Next Time, MexitPlans Monte

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