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Unlock the Secrets to Making Merida Mexico Your Home: Top 10 Power Tips!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

What is good MexitPlanners? It's that time of the year when many new folks will move down to Merida, Mexico for the first time. So why not put together a list of helpful random things people need to know to make an easier transition to Merida, Mexico? This list is based on the posts and questions I've seen pop up over the years. Let's get it!

1. Liverpool is not the name of the mall. It's an anchor store like Macy's or Bloomingdale's. There are two malls with Liverpool Galerías and La Isla. Galerías Is inside the perimeter and has an ice skating rink and casino. La Isla is out the perimeter and has a whole amusement area, concert theater, and lake. La isla mall is pet friendly and a great place to walk your dog on a hot day. The Harbor mall is also pet friendly.

2. Speaking of malls, Grand Plaza and Plaza Grande are different. Grand Plaza is one of the older malls in the city. Plaza Grande, also known as Zocalo, is the central point of the state and is the plaza in Centro, surrounded by municipal buildings and the main Cathedral.

3. Some chain stores carry named brands like Lays Potato Chips or Tide Pods. But be careful. The same product in a Mexican brand will be 1/2 the price of the US Equivalent. So look at the manufacturer on the packaging before picking up the familiar brand. In many cases, the brand's colors will be the same.

4. The usually older adult bagging your groceries is not an employee of the supermarket and should be given a small tip for their service. I typically tip 10-20 pesos or whatever change I have from shopping.

5. Most stores, like Walmart, are not 24 hours here in Merida, Mexico. Only a few chains are 24-hour stores, are Oxxo's and Farmacia Guadalajara's.

I made The Creating Your MexitPlans Course to help you plan and make a successful and confident decision for Mexico. The system is packed full of local knowledge and experiences from people who have moved to Mexico.

6. If you need something significant delivered to you from a store like that 75-inch tv on Buen fin, which is Black Friday here, you will want to have a number of good Fletes. These are the guys who move things for you with their trucks. I've moved twice with Fletes, once from my storage unit, called a bodega, and another time from one house to another.

7. If you are new to Mexico, people often get a weird stomach discomfort that doesn't feel like everyday stomach problems. In that case, take a Lombrix or Vermox to eliminate parasites every 6 months.

8. Trash pickup is 3 days per week here in Merida, Mexico. My trash guys pick up Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The trash guys often ask you for a tip when they find out you are not Mexican. They will go as far as yelling at the house for you to come out or ringing the bell. You can become their constant mark if you pay up every time. I only tip when they take more than what is allowed. You get 3 bags of regular trash, and yard debris must be bagged and is only taken on certain days. If you have too much yard debris, they will leave it for another day unless you tip. I WILL PAY UP when I've had an unusual amount of stuff, like from a party. You are not paying for the service. You are providing them with beer or coke cola money.

9. Progreso is the closest beach. There are at least 3 beach clubs in Progreso. El Huaguy, Silcer, and the newest and nearest Mar y Mar. Most are open Tuesday -Sunday. You can take the Auto Progreso bus from Merida to Progreso from the Centro Auto Progreso station or from one of the stops along the way on Prolongación de Montejo across from Costco.

10. When your bills are due in Mexico, they are due. They will cut you off the next day. There are no grace periods. I pay all my bills online with the Cfe app, Telmex app, or japay website. Because in Mexico, they don't play about their money.

What was the most surprising thing for you on the list? Please leave me comments below!

Until Next Time,

MexitPlans Monte "I'm Out"

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