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Wise Tips Transferring Money In Mexico

I have used the Wise App (Formerly TransferWise 2021) for years now, and it has allowed me to go without having a bank account in Merida, Mexico. Wise is probably the app I use second-most on my phone. I use the Wise App for all my international money exchanges from dollars to pesos, withdrawing money from the ATMs, purchasing items with the Wise WorldPay Mastercard ( Transferwise borderless Account), and much more. Today, I share some power tips or Wise(dom) with you on how to get the most out of the Wise App in Mexico. Check out the latest video for the power tips for using the Wise App.

If you are new to Wise, please consider signing up with my Wise Affiliate code:

Thank You!

Until Next Time Mexit Plans Monte "I'm Out"

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