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Don’t Get BUSTED Using an Inferior VPN for Remote Work!

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

What is Good, MexitPlanners?

Are you a remote worker who dreams of living abroad while continuing your current job? In this blog post, we will explore the world of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and present you with three solutions to help you achieve your goal of working remotely from anywhere in the world. By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of how VPNs work and be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your VPN deployment. In this article, we try to break down secure VPN solutions for remote workers.

The Rise of Remote Work and Corporate Policies:

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, have long been utilized by corporate IT departments to facilitate secure connections for remote workers accessing the corporate network and resources. The importance of this technology became evident during the period of remote work prompted by the global pandemic. However, as remote workers increasingly seek the freedom to redefine "home" and work from different locations worldwide, they often face challenges imposed by corporate policies that require them to live and work from specific areas. This conflict restricts remote workers from living where they desire while dedicating their time to corporate America.

The Need for VPN Technology:

For remote workers who wish to explore the world while maintaining a secure remote job, VPN technology offers a solution. It allows for remote work without disclosing the physical location to the employer. However, not all VPN solutions provide complete anonymity, and some corporate IT departments can detect and block inferior VPN services. Furthermore, certain corporate devices may have persistent VPN clients that automatically connect to the corporate network as soon as an internet connection is established, limiting the ability to use additional software.

Understanding VPNs and their Limitations:

Numerous companies offer VPN services, which encrypt the traffic between client and server devices, ensuring data privacy within the encrypted tunnel. However, VPN service providers can still access some data, such as the originating device's IP address and location. Moreover, public VPN services often utilize shared servers, resulting in multiple users having the same IP address and server location. Many companies maintain databases of known public VPN server IP addresses, which can be used to identify employees attempting to bypass corporate policies. Additionally, websites like and can detect if a user is utilizing a VPN server.

Introducing Private Site-to-Site VPNs:

To address the limitations of public VPN services and ensure greater control over privacy, the ultimate solution for remote workers is a private site-to-site VPN connection. This deployment allows individuals to establish a private VPN server in their home or with a trusted person in their home country, creating a direct connection from anywhere in the world. Think of it as having a satellite location for your home internet connection. With a private site-to-site VPN, all your traffic is routed through your home ISP, ensuring your IP address remains consistent and secured within an encrypted tunnel.

Considerations and Solutions:

While the private site-to-site VPN solution may seem enticing, it is crucial to understand how VPN technology works and the potential risks involved. To help you make the right choices and use VPNs correctly, here are three solutions:

1. The VPN Essentials Course: This comprehensive course provides you with all the necessary knowledge to navigate the VPN landscape confidently. It offers insights into different VPN deployment scenarios, along with their pros and cons. You can start by downloading the free VPN Features Guide available in the course. Https://

2. Q&A Virtual Session: If you have specific technical questions about your unique situation, consider participating in a personalized private session. This session eliminates guesswork and uncertainty by addressing your individual concerns and empowering you to take charge of your remote work journey.

3. Virtual Technical Router Installations: With over 20+ years of networking and cybersecurity experience, professional assistance ensures flawless setup and configuration of your VPN. This service guarantees your setup will be perfect from the start.

I recommend two GL-Inet Axt 1800 routers for the private site-to-site VPN deployment. You can click the model for a link to it on Amazon.

I am including the video I made on this subject. There are examples of the VPN detection of the websites mentioned in that video.

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