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There's Good Shopping and Green Space In Them Hills

One of the key elements to a good home when moving to Merida, Mexico, is it's location or proximity to amenities. The neighborhood of Montealban is closest to the Best Supermarket in Merida, Mexico. It's located within walking distance of what is called "The Whole Foods" Chedurai Selecto by many ex-pats. This Chedruai, along with Office Depot, Radio Shack, Petco, Starbucks, Smart Fitness, and Sonora Grill, is located in the Urban Center shopping mall. Not to mention that Montealban is located near one of the nicest parks in Merida, Parque Kalia.

One of the best pieces of information I gather from my walks is that many rent or sale houses are not listed on any website. When moving to Merida, Mexico, you will find that the real estate market is a bit of the wild west. There is no central MLS system, many of the homes can and will be represented by multiple agents, and some of the best properties are never listed online. If a house does appear online, you may see it in multiple places or the same site with different prices and varying descriptions. These things make it very difficult to find a home if you are not in the city.

Please watch the final episode, Part 4, of the MonteAlban neighborhood walking tour video series. If you are considering moving to Merida, Mexico, this video's information is a must-watch. Please leave me a comment and let me know if I should do more neighborhood tours. I love shows like House Hunters International, so it's my pleasure to bring you new and exciting homes and neighborhoods to see.

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