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Travel With Me to Palenque on the Maya Train Route | Merida to Palenque

Hello Mexit Planners! Today, I’m excited to share my journey on the Maya Train from Merida to Palenque. Buckle up as we explore the highlights of this epic adventure.

Maya Train Route: Merida to Palenque

Starting from Merida , the journey on the Maya Train takes us all the way to Palenque, passing through several interesting stops along the way. Here’s a detailed look at my experience.

Getting to the Maya Train Station in Merida

It's Monday, February 19th, and I’m gearing up for my second Maya Train trip, this time from Merida to Palenque. I took an Uber to the Parque La Plancha tram station to catch the tram at 9:00 a.m. The Maya Train departs from the Merida station at Teya at 10:18 a.m. After a smooth tram ride, I arrived at Teya and was ready to board the Maya Train.

Merida Maya Train Station at Teya

The Merida Maya Train Station at Teya was bustling with activity. After a quick and easy check-in process, I headed to the platform, eager to start my journey.

Maya Train Arriving in Merida From Cancun

As the train arrived from Cancun, excitement was in the air. Boarding the train, I was impressed with the spacious luggage compartments that easily accommodated my bags.

Luggage Space and Comfort

One of the initial concerns for any traveler is luggage space and comfort. On the Maya Train, there were no issues with space, and my bags fit perfectly in the overhead compartments. The Premier Class offered plenty of legroom, making the journey comfortable.

Internet and Connectivity

The Maya Train offers onboard Wi-Fi, which was a pleasant surprise. Though the connection was spotty in some areas, it was generally reliable for basic browsing and communication.

Stops Along the Way

We made several stops along the way, including Maxcanu Station and Calkini Campeche, showcasing the significant progress in station construction.

Speed and Efficiency

The train maintained a speed of around 76 miles per hour, making the journey smooth and efficient. It’s a fantastic way to see the Yucatan countryside.

San Francisco Campeche Station

Arriving at San Francisco Campeche Station, I noted the impressive infrastructure and the convenience it offers for travelers heading to Campeche’s beautiful beaches and cultural sites.

Getting Into Campeche

From the station, it’s easy to get into the city center. I opted for a local bus service, which was both affordable and convenient.

Discover the Charm of San Francisco de Campeche: A Must-Visit Maya Train Station on Your Yucatán Adventure. Explore Colonial Heritage, Stunning Architecture, and Vibrant Culture in This Historic Mexican Gem.
Discover the Charm of San Francisco de Campeche: A Must-Visit Maya Train Station on Your Yucatán Adventure.

Edzna Campeche and Premier Class Service

We arrived at Edzna Station, where I experienced the Premier Class service. Despite a brief halt in cart service due to staff breaks, I managed to grab some refreshments. The journey continued smoothly, and the comfortable seating in Premier Class was a highlight.

Purchasing Maya Train Tickets

Purchasing tickets was straightforward, though I encountered a policy change that required me to pay international pricing on my return trip. Staying updated on such changes is crucial.

Cellphone Service and Connectivity

Cellphone service was intermittent outside major stations. Planning online tasks around station stops is advisable to ensure connectivity.

Seat Configuration in Premier Class

The Premier Class seat configuration was spacious and comfortable, making the long journey enjoyable.

Cancun to Playa Del Carmen Route

The Maya Train also connects Cancun to Playa Del Carmen, making travel between these popular destinations more convenient. This route is perfect for travelers looking to explore Cozumel and other nearby attractions.

Arrival at Palenque Station

The Palenque station, still under construction, had taxis lined up to take passengers into the city. I opted for a quick ride, which cost around 200 pesos.

Casa Cinco Bed and Breakfast

In Palenque, I stayed at Casa Cinco, a charming bed and breakfast that offered comfortable accommodations at a reasonable price.

Casa Cinco Bed and Breakfast
Visit Palenque from Casa Cinco Bed and Breakfast. Relax in stylish accommodations, indulge in delicious breakfasts, and immerse yourself in Maya culture

Palenque Archeological Zone

No visit to Palenque is complete without exploring the archaeological zone. Guided by Ernesto, a local expert, I delved into the rich history of the site, including the Palace and the Temple of the Inscriptions.

Maya culture by visiting Palenque
Dive deep into the heart of Maya culture by visiting Palenque, where ancient traditions and incredible architecture await you

Town of Palenque, Chiapas

The town of Palenque is a blend of ancient ruins and vibrant local culture. From the archaeological site, I took a collectivo back to town, which was an economical and convenient option.

Maya Train Ticket Costs

Reflecting on the overall experience, the Maya Train offers a fantastic way to explore the Yucatan Peninsula. The ticket costs are reasonable, especially considering the comfort and convenience of the journey.

I'm out,

Monte Mexit Planner

**This blog captures the spirit of traveling on Mexico's Maya Train, maintaining a personal and engaging tone throughout the narrative. If you're eager to share your thoughts or have questions about traveling in Mexico, feel free to reach out. Let's keep the conversation going!

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