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Walking Tour of Colonia Mexico to Manifesto Coffee

If you have been following my journey of living in Merida, Mexico, for some time, then you know I love to walk. Moving to Merida, Mexico, has allowed me to reclaim my health. The sunny weather allows for walking most days of the week. I typically get at least 3 miles each day. A few weeks ago, I discovered that within 2 miles of my house is some of Merida's best coffee. Therefore, my last few walks have been through Colonia Mexico to Manifesto coffee.

I knew about Colonia Mexico long before my walk to Manifesto. It was a neighborhood that I always thought was cool but honestly figured it was outside of our price range. The school that we selected for our little one is actually not far from this neighborhood. So that's a big bonus. But it isn't until you slow down and walk the streets that you can get a real appreciation for an area.

Today, I hope you will join me for a casual walk through Colonia, Mexico. If you want to know more about this neighborhood, check out my friends Nate and Cassie's Neighborhood project site. This site has details from folks that live in the area.

Please let me know what you think about this neighborhood and the walking tours. If there is an area you would like to see, let me know. If this information has added any value to your life, please do me the favor of becoming a supporting MexConnect Member. You will get full access to ALL the content, the MexitList along with member perks, 1 on 1 coaching for Annual members, and the Interviews with a MexPert. We are also dropping new content on YouTube here first so that members can get the goods before anyone else.

Until Next Time, MexitPlans Monte "I'm Out"

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